The Wisdom Bridge by Kamlesh D Patel


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These days, parents are a part of their children’s lives with more attention and intensity than ever. There’s a frenzy to prepare children for the future-carefree summers have been swapped with online advanced math tutorial classes and computer programming. Parents have shapeshifted into schedulers and chauffeurs driving children from soccer games to cricket matches, from music lessons to chemistry tutorial classes, and children are on a super-sized diet of desire and ambition.

So, are we doing what is needed to nurture the children’s inner growth? Are we teaching them the skills needed to become compassionate and resilient human beings?

The Wisdom Bridge by Kamlesh D. Patel, also known as Daaji, takes the focus away from preparing and puts the spotlight back on caring and nurturing the children spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. In the book, Daaji explains the importance of the core tenets of parenting and instilling children with wisdom that guides them as they grow up. Based on research, conversations with psychologists and educators, and learnings as grandparents and parents, the book will help channel the energies away from anxiety to appreciation towards the children. It will give a new understanding of how to tap into parents’ wisdom and raise happy and resilient families.

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