The Screenwriter’s Workbook by Syd Field




Syd Field’s timeless manual on visual storytelling is your own, hands-on master-class with the man The Hollywood Reporter called “the most sought-after screenwriting teacher in the world.” Field was the very first person to dissect thousands of films and scripts to find the essential narrative structure and shared functional elements underlying screenwriting success.

Chock full of easy-to-follow exercises and step-by-step instructions honed by Field in packed seminars across the globe, The Screenwriter’s Workbook guides you through the common processes utilized by beginners and working professionals alike when crafting emotionally satisfying scripts for film, television, streaming… and beyond.

Engage this workbook’s systematic approach and you’ll practice:

  • Defining the central idea on which to build your script, 
  • Crafting your unique narrative structure – based on Field’s elegant, now industry-standard, Paradigm – which in one form or another can be found within all viable screen stories, 
  • Imbuing your characters with humanity, vitality, and depth,
  • Writing dialogue that not only moves your story along, but provides skillful insight into every character’s psychology,
  • Reviewing all of the choices you’ve made to discern what works and what doesn’t in order to re-write until your script’s story virtually leaps off the page (from the crucial first ten to the final FADE OUT) for professional readers empowered to buy your work.

Field’s expert analysis of notable screenplays reflects the book’s core concepts, making the inevitable challenges to great writing clearer, and far more likely for you to overcome.

This book is the perfect companion to Syd Field’s bestselling classic, Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting.

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