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Prahlad by Kevin Missal


Format: Paperback

Revenge. Rage. Righteousness.

Three men, bound by fate, separated by honour.

Who will survive?

Narasimha has never been so furious in his life.

He now rules Kashyapuri after Hiranyakashyap’s death and spends his time planning revenge. Narasimha has vowed to kill Lord Indra, the man behind Chenchen’s death.

As Prahlad watches Nara’s anger grow, he knows Nara must be stopped before he takes more innocent lives and everything is consumed by chaos.

But can he do what is needed? Can he kill the only father figure he has ever had without losing himself to darkness?

The final book in Kevin Missal’s bestselling Narasimha trilogy brings to an end the moving, inspiring and exciting story of Lord Narasimha and Prahlad.


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