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How to Trade In Stocks by Jesse Livermore

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FORMAT: Paperback

Jesse Livermore was the greatest trader who ever lived. In this book he shares his methods to making his fortune.

He started trading at the age of fourteen. He made his first fortune in the market panic of 1907 when he sold the markets short. Over the years that followed, he built up a vast fortune trading in and out of the market right through the First World War and the 1920s.

Like every trader, he lost money as well as making it. But over time, he always came out ahead. His ability to time his trades was uncanny, and his success funded a flamboyant lifestyle.

He owned a series of mansions around the world and married a Ziegfield follies showgirl. He was a the original rock-star trader, far more successful than any of today’s hedge fund billionaires. Livermore even shorted the market before the 1929 crash – and came out even richer.

But what was the secret of his incredible success?

Shortly before he took his own life in 1940, Livermore wrote How To Trade In Stocks. The book distilled the wisdom of a lifetime of making Рand sometimes losing Рmoney. In a terse, no nonsense style, he set our the rules of successful investing Рrules that anyone with money in the markets can learn from.

The book mixes fascinating autobiographical and historical details with step-by-step guidance on:

– Reading the market
– Analyzing leading sectors
– Timing your trades
– Money management
– Maintaining emotional control

It is the one book on investment that everyone should read.

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