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Fairy Tail Manga Vol 1 by Hiro Mashima


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A mage guild, powerful magic and talking cats are just a few of the adventures that the aspiring mage Lucy Heartfilia chance upon on her quest to becoming a member of Fairy Tail, the mage guild set in the land of Fiore. She comes across Natsu Dragneel, a mage himself, who is eccentric in his own, weird way. He is a flame mage who can swallow fire and is on the quest to finding the dragon Igneel along with his cat Happy.

Fairy Tail 1, the popular Shōnen Japanese manga by manga artist Hiro Mashima, spans over 42 volumes and 350 chapters. Volume 1 revolves around Lucy’s arrival at Fairy Tail and her wish to become a part of the guild, in spite of their infamous tendency to cause destruction. Natsu is a dragon slayer who is attempting to look for Igneel. This titular guild and its disorderly members give the readers an entertaining adventure. From hilarious scenes of the chaotic mess that is Fairy Tail, to the epic adventures of Natsu and Lucy, this book is materialised in text by an expert.

A widely read manga, Fairy Tail 1 is the story of Lucy and her friends as they embark upon a journey that is packed with outrageous people, incredible episodes that involve fighting of evil spirits and creatures and astonishing discoveries. The book was published by Kodansha Comics in 2012. It is available in paperback.

Key Features: Fairy Tail has been adapted into a Japanese anime series, completed in 175 episodes. Apart from English, it has also been translated into several other languages.

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