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If You Want To Break Free From Negative Thought Patterns, Stop Worrying And Learn To Think Positive, Here’s The Right Book For You!

Do you find it hard to fall asleep because your brain won’t stop worrying?

Do you feel stuck in an endless loop of uncontrollable negative thoughts?

Do you struggle with problem-solving because you can’t stop overthinking?

You’re not alone. Around 18% of the population suffer from anxiety, and up to 73% of adults admit that they overthink.

In fact, our brains are wired to look out for potential dangers. We remember negative events more vividly than positive ones. We instinctively look for negative things and imagine worst-case scenarios.

This instinct is helpful when you’re lost in a jungle full of hungry predators.

But in our safe and comfortable lives, our negativity bias can get out of control. When you don’t have to worry about being eaten by a tiger, your brain might start worrying about your future grandkids’ careers or that awkward conversation that happened five years ago. If you don’t make a conscious effort to manage your negative thoughts, you’ll get lost in an endless loop of negativity – or, even worse, a downward spiral.

When your mind is engrossed in negative thoughts, it becomes blind to amazing opportunities that life throws at you. It becomes blind to possible ways of solving the very problem you’re worrying about. It becomes blind to the simple joys of life and ends up depressed.

But what if you could eliminate negative thinking?

What if you could stop thinking about problems and start solving them?

What if you could love and appreciate yourself instead of beating yourself up?

Derick Howell, an anxiety coach with decades of experience, is here to help you.

His insightful book will help you banish negativity from your life and learn to love yourself.

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