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New Trader Rich Trader Part 2 [Hardcover] by Steve Burns



***Updated & Revised***

New Trader paused in thought. 

“If I’m not in control, then my emotions are based on my impulses, bad attitude, preconceived beliefs about how things work, the fight or flight instinct, and possibly a self-constructed ego that feels threatened by failure or maybe even by success.” New Trader said.

Rich Trader nodded. “You’re none of those things. Don’t let them control your mind and your actions.”

“But if I’m not any of those things, then what am I?”

“You are the witness. If you change your perspective and see these emotions for what they are, you are not them; you are human consciousness witnessing what comes into focus. You can let them take over or you can control your mind and your will. You let external elements influence your actions, or you take control of your emotions and can make decisions that take you where you want to go in life. It’s a choice and only you can make it.”

New Trader sat quietly. That was deep.

Join New Trader in the next installment of his trading journey. He’s come a long way, but he still has much to learn from his mentor, Rich Trader. Learn more about entries and exits, trend following essentials, and risk management and psychology.

Praise for the first edition of New Trader Rich Trader 2:

As in all of Steve’s books, I am consistently amazed at how, despite his obvious mastery of our business, he can recall with intimate detail what it was like to make the full gamut of “New Trader” mistakes. “New Trader, Rich Trader 2” will have New Traders reaching for their highlighters, while Rich Traders smile knowingly at distant memories of painful missteps.

Wherever you are in the journey from New to Rich Trader, this book is an indispensable tool filled with lots of “Aha” moments.  To Steve, congratulations on a job well done, and to all the New Traders reading this, pat yourself on the back for having found an indispensable aid in your journey from novice to pro.

Richard L. Weissman, Professional Trader and Author of Trade Like a Casino

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