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A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens


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Charles Dickens, the author was an English writer, journalist, editor and social critic He is regarded as the novelist of the Victorian era.His famous plays are – A Tale of two cities’, ‘No Thorough fare, The Frozen Deep. A Tale of Two Cities is an historical novel. It narrates the story of the French Doctor Manette and his 18-year-long imprisonment in Paris. When he released from his imprisonment he left for London. The two cities are in London only. Actually the first plot deals with the rebirth of Dr. Manette and about those situations and reasons for French Revolution by the lower classes and the Reign of Terror.The author asserts his belief in the possibility of transformation. The plot of second book narrates trial on Charles Darnay on the charges of treason against the British Crown. But the lawyer of Darnay is very intelligent and proves that the faces of Darnay and his friend Sydney Cartona resemble eachother, on this ground Darnay is acquitted. The plot of the 3rd one is- when Darnay arrives in Paris, he is jailed due to his illigal emigration. But after one and half year, Darnay gets acquitted due to Dr. Monette. all, the novel seems very interesting and readers will surely enjoy the details about French Revolution.

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