Bulk/Wholesale Order and Dropshipping


We are connected with the best book suppliers all over India. And as our volume is high, we are able to negotiate the best prices for our customers. Connect with us for a blissful experience!

Please WhatsApp us at 8590984239 & share your requirements (Titles & Quantities). We send books in bulk, everywhere across India.

MOQ: 100 Pieces

Elevate your customers’ reading experience with our diverse range of genres and bestsellers. Benefit from our exceptional customer service and timely deliveries, ensuring your shelves are always stocked with literary treasures.


Booklist – 

Here is our website – https://therightbookstoreindia.com/

Categories we deal with: 

1) Best selling books/novels(Atomic Habits, Psychology of Money). 

2) Imported bestseller books. (Dan Brown, John Grisham, Jodi Picoult).

3) Deadstock from publishers. (Harper Collins, Penguin)

4) Mangas


Total price = book price + packaging price( Rs. 8/ per book )

For our dropshipping customers, we offer a 30% discount on each book from our website prices.

E.g. Atomic Habits is Rs. 159 on our website, so for dropshipping the price will be: 

       159 – (30% of 159) = 159 – 48 = 111

Same for all the other books on our website. 

So total prices comes to = 111 (Book price) + 8 (packaging) = 119

If there are multiple books in the order then,

Total price= (Total book price) + 8 x (number of books).



Step 1: Generate labels from any of the courier partner websites. 

Note: Most used website is Shiprocket (URL – https://www.shiprocket.in/)

Step 2: Create pickup from our warehouse address

Step 3: Send the labels to us with the book names written on it.

Message us on WhatsApp for more info!

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